Thursday, July 27, 2017

Treklets Season 2.4

Friday's Child - Mom Title: "Leonard James Akaar"

On the Capellan’s dress sense:
“Ha ha, they’re funny looking.” (Every time on screen)

On Scotty in command:

On redshirt Grant beaming down with the big three:
“Who's that guy?  He's dead.”

On Eleen demanding it’s her right to see Kirk die before her death since he laid hands on her:
“What the heck? That was weird.”

On the similarity of Class M worlds:
“Oh they’re in orbit there again. They must like this planet”

On Kirk bating Spock with, “Well, if you don't think we can, maybe we shouldn't try,” to get him to figure out the exploding communicator trick:
“They're funny.”

On the set up for the exploding communicator trick:
“How is that going to drop a block of Styrofoam on them?”
“AAAAH! How did that do that?”

On McCoy saying the men take all the credit for the child:
Rosa- *derisive laughter*
Eleen- “The child is yours:”
Rosa – *Evil laughter*

On Chekov claiming the “fool me once” saying was invented in Russia:
“What?  Again?”

On the Klingon fired blast that hit the rock Spock was hiding behind:

On Maab switching sides and taking out Klingon Kras with his Kligat whistling knife thing:
“Yeah die!
 Uh… that was someone else falling off the rock.”

On “oochie woochie coochie coo:”
“OK this part I remember”
Rosa- *Giggling*

The Deadly Years - Mom Title: "Old Age"

On Chekov finding the dead body:
“Is he gonna scream?
*He Does*
“And there it is.”

On Kirk flirting and talking about old times with Doctor Wallace:
“Oh God, again?
Hey, is she the blonde woman they talked about from his academy days in the other episode.”
Me – “One of several possibilities.”

On Planetary classification”
“A Class M Planet.  Does that mean, ‘looks exactly like Earth?’”

On the early signs of the aging:
Rosa – “McCoy’s grey”
Rosa and Anabelle – “He’s forgetting stuff.”
Anabelle- “And McCoy sound’s really southern now.”

On theories for Chekov’s immunity:
“Is it 'cause he's freakishly young?
Does he have the slowest metabolism on the face of the Earth?
Is he just weird?”

On Chekov’s rant, “Give us some more blood, Chekov. The needle won't hurt, Chekov. Take off your shirt, Chekov. Roll over, Chekov. Breathe deeply, Chekov. Blood sample, Chekov. Marrow sample, Chekov. Skin sample, Chekov. If I live long enough, I'm going to run out of samples:”
“I like him he's funny.”

On Stocker’s concern, “I'm watching four very valuable and one almost irreplaceable members of the Starfleet failing before my eyes:”
“And that other girl, but who cares about her?”

On Kirk slumped in his command chair:
Anabelle -“Is he dead?”
Me- “Yes”
Anabelle “WHAT! AAAH! Don’t do that!”

On Stocker calling the hearing:
“That’s the second commodore we’ve seen that’s completely bonkers.
Except that he’s right.”

On the hearing itself:
*random complaints about stupid regulations while still watching the whole thing intently*

On the bowl in Kirk’s quarters:
“That’s an ugly decoration.”

On Stocker asking, “Mister Sulu. Lieutenant Uhura, let me know if we contact any Romulan…”
Rosa and Anabelle- “There’s one!”

On the Enterprise being pounded by Romulan attacks:
“Stop!  Geeze, do something!”
*Stocker signals surrender*
“WHAT!? No, not that!”

On Kirk’s return to command:

On Kirk’s deliberate use of obsolete Code Two:
Rosa- “OOOOOH, so they can hear.”

On Kirk broadcasting, “Will implement destruct order using corbomite device recently installed:”
“Hey, wasn’t that…”

On the two most visible effects from the order to, “Stand down from red alert:”
“Oh cool, the little light went off.
Sulu’s like, ‘Oh thank God.”

Obsession - Mom Title: "Vampire Cloud"

On a planned rendezvous with the, the U.S.S. Yorktown:
“That’s the name just like the new movie.”

On Kirk’s repeating “let’s assume” to present his theory to Spock:
“Stop assuming and tell him the truth.”

On Chekov taking over the scanner on the science station:
“Woo woo! Yeah!”

On an unusually long pause in the Captain’s log,
Captain's log, stardate 3619.6. One of the men in critical condition, the other is dead. And I…:”
"Will al--ways lo-ove youuuu-uu"

On McCoy’s medical uniform:
“Does anyone else get to wear short sleeves, or only him?”

On Garrovick feeling guilty about not firing, and Kirk punishing him for it:
“It's a cloud. Shooting it with a phaser wouldn't do anything.
Meanwhile when Chekov runs away screaming, that’s OK.”

On Kirk claiming the senior officers are “conspiring” against him:
Rosa- “What's the matter with him?
Anabelle- “Chill yourself Captain. 
Don't let your past determine how crabby you'll be in the future.”

On Kirk’s continued talking to himself and escalating ranting:
Anabelle- “Personal log??? He's not even talking!
He did the same thing with the cloud as that other guy?
You hypocritical poopybutt!!””
Rosa- “He’s cranky”
Anabelle – “No kidding…its survival guilt, we learned about it in school.”

On a Lieutenant being recognized in the hall after having his blood drained earlier:
“Leslie?  Didn't he just die?”

On Chapel’s maximum bluff pulling a threat of force feeding on Garrovick revealed by McCoy:
“Well then. Talk about sass.”
“She made him eat the little gummy things.”

On the ship’s phaser being ineffectual.
“I told you, it's a cloud.”

On Spock’s analysis that the cloud is “out of time sync:”

On Spock trying to stop it coming through the air vent manually:
“What the heck?
Holding it won't do anything! It's a freakin’ gas!
You’re the science officer.”

On the effective suspense of the cloud coming close to Kirk and Garrovick at the climax:
Rosa- “Now!”  *covers eyes*
“What happened?”

On Spock saving them on the transporter by “cross circuiting to A:

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