Thursday, July 6, 2017

Treklets Season 2.2

Mirror, Mirror - Mom Title: "Spock With a Beard"

On Chekov without his wig
“Real hair?  Really ?? Really?!?!?”

ON Kyle being subjected to the agonizer:
“That’s disturbing. Is he dead.”
Me- “No, in agony."

On the crew realize they’re wearing, “not our clothes:”
“I'd barf.”

On Koenig’s early acting style:
“Why does Chekov always look at the camera? It’s really weird.”

On the Mirror Computer:
“Oh! It's a guy.”

On our Spock’s reaction to the Mirror officers:
“Yeah Spock!
He’s like, ‘Hello you’re not the Captain I know exactly who you are.”

On Kirk hearing Spock claim to be a “formidable enemy:”
“I know, I fought you with Styrofoam once.”

On Kirk’s thoughts first seeing Lt. Moreau:
“I don't know who she is, but she's pretty.
Kirk is thinking, ‘Is there someone named Marlena on my ship?’”

On Spock's orders to kill the captain and take command.
“That ain't good.  That’s as far from good as you can possibly get.”

On Marlena’s introduction of the Tantalus field:
“Really? What, does it work for anyone or is it just a kill Spock machine?”

On Marlena’s costume change:
“Oh, hey, that's not a uniform.”

On Spock catching them leaving:
“Shoot, is he going to fight Spock again? 
He does that a lot.”

On them knocking out Spock with a medical prop:
“They smashed plastic on his head. He'll be fine.”

On Sulu vanishing
“What the heck?
Oh, she's helping.
Yay random lady that doesn't exist!”

On Kirk hanging around before leaving:
“Hurry up, get in the transporter.
*Kirk delivers the ‘one man’ speech*
YES!  Inspire him, preach!
Now get in the transporter.”
Scotty- “Captain, get in the chamber!”
“Finally! Someone agrees with me.”

On Kirk asking how he identified their counterparts so easily:
“He's Spock and he’s awesome.”

On Marlena showing up on the real Enterprise:
“Uh huh.
Didn’t he sign her orders last week, why didn’t he know she was there?”
Kirk- “I think we could become friends. It's possible.”
“Friends, ha ha.
And he's gotta go talk to her now.
OK, that's great.”

The Apple - Mom Title: "Vaal"

On the exploding rock”

On Spock getting hit by the thorns:
“Spock! Ah, he's fine.”
“Oh no…he's not.”

On Kirk saying he won’t hurt Akuta:
“You just punched him in the face!”

On Kirk telling Scotty he was fired:

On Spock being blasted by the force field:

On McCoy’s reaction to holding and touching being forbidden, “There’s goes paradise:”
“I like him.”

On Landon
Her nickname for Chekov:
“Pav?  PAV!?!?!
*They kiss*
“This is gonna end badly.”
*She kicks butt in the fight*
“Whoah, I like her she's the best one yet.”

On Kirk asking, “Are you casting me in the role of Satan?”

The Doomsday Machine - Mom Title: “William Windom Vs. The Giant Space Cannoli”

On seeing Lt. Palmer at communications:
“I don't like her.  She’s not Uhura.”

On Decker stating the planet he sent his crew to being blown up: 
“Talk about a bad day.”

On the Doomsday Machine’s appearance:
“It looks like a cornucopia.”

On the Doomsday Machine’s firing sound:
“Whoah, that was a weird noise.”

On the Constellation about to be destroyed:
Anabelle - “I don't care but that guy’s gonna be pissed.”
Me- “Kirk’s on that ship.”
Anabelle -“Aaaah! I care!”

On Decker’s command to attack the indestructible space thingy:
“I don't like him. I think he's gone a little coo coo.”

On Kirk yelling, “Get my ship out of there:”
“I don't think that's the only thing he wanted to say.”

On Decker telling Spock he doesn’t recognize his authority to remove him:
“Security! Arrest him and throw him in a cell for being a butt!”

On the Constellation’s uniform insignia:
Decker – “I’ve been prepared for death ever since…”
Anabelle -“I put this pretzel on my shirt.”

On Scotty’s answer to Kirk's request to be beamed off the soon to be exploded Constellation:
Scotty – “We can't, Captain. Transporter is out again.”
Anabelle - “Of course it is.”

Everyone smiling about Kirk’s comment that one of those weapons was “quite sufficient:”
“They make weird faces on this show.”

Catspaw - Mom Title: “Cat Lady with Voodoo Doll Enterprise”

On yet another episode consistently ranking at the bottom of surveys:
*Barely contained excitement*

On returning crewmen-
“Is that…um…that guy?”
On returning crewmen- DeSalle:
“It’s DeSalle, YAY!
Aw, I thought he was coming.
He’s in command?  YAY!
I like him, are you supposed to like him?”

On Chekov’s wig:
*giggling* (every time)

On the witches:
“Um…OK…” (repeat)

On reference to “tricks or treats:”
“Spock’s like ‘whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???’”

On finding the missing crew members:
“Hello my possessed friends.  Why is it always Sulu?”

On Korob’s banquet:
“Whoah, look at all that plastic food. It’s shiny.”

On Korob’s gemstone bribe:
“They can make shiny things!!!
They should put them on spoons!”

On DeSalle Saying, “I bet you credits to Navy Beans we can put a dent in it:”
“What does that mean?
*makes up and sings Navy Beans song*

On Sylvia proclaiming, “I want more:”
*Breaks into ‘Part of Your World’*

On Kirk flirting and smooching with the alien cat lady:
*face palm*

On Korob explaining Kirk’s men aren’t his anymore because Sylvia is irrational and he can’t control her:
“That sucks.”

On Sylvia being a giant cat, after a whole bunch of scenes with the giant cat:
“Oh my God, that's a giant cat!”

On the aliens true appearance:
“Ew! That's what they are?”

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