Thursday, July 13, 2017

Treklets Season 2.3

I, Mudd - Mom Title: “Norman, Coordinate”

On Kirk telling Scotty “The intruder is in your area,” after Norman beat up most of engineering:
“No kidding.”

On the first planet she didn’t say, “It’s Earth” for:
“It looks like Venus.”

On Stella’s first appearance:
“McCoy is laughing.”

On learning the androids came from Andromeda, supporting my crazy theory:

On Kirk’s “Because we don’t like you, now bu bu bu bu bup!”
“That…was funny.”

On the Anabelle series of androids:
*Big goofy grin*

On Norman saying, “You will be happy, and controlled:”
“Well. That's not good.”

On Uhura ratting out the crew’s plan:
“She’s not supposed to be like that. This episode has problems.”
*Kirk hugs her*

On the mime concert:
*laughs* “Where’s Spock. Now I’m scared, is he going to sing?”

On McCoy and Scotty’s little “only then can we be happy” speech:
“They’re bad actors.”
*they curtsey*
*she falls off couch*

On Spock’s, “Logic is a little tweeting bird chirping in a meadow. Logic is a wreath of pretty flowers which smell bad. Are you sure your circuits are registering correctly? Your ears are green:”
*giggles uncontrollably* “WHAAT!”

On Kirk’s declaration, “What is a man but that lofty spirit, that sense of *pause* Enterprise,” *elbow*:
“Ah. I get it. Ha. Ha.”

On Harry Mudd saying, “I am lying:”

ON Kirk shutting down Harry’s request to leave telling him, “I have something else in mind:”

ON the reveal of Stella number 500:
“Now that’s funny.”

Metamorphosis - Mom Title: "Cloud Loves Zefram Cochrane"

On Nancy’s first rant of many, “Thanks to the inefficiency of the medical branch of the Starfleet; I've been forced to leave before my job was done.”
“She just summed up Starfleet procedures.”

On Spock as shuttle pilot:
“Last time he sat there on a shuttle everyone died.”

On Kirk hailing, “Enterprise, this is Galileo:”
*singing* “Galileo, Galileo, Magnifico- o –o –o –o”

On star fleet staffing choices:
“Why did the Enterprise send its three most important people to pick her up?”

Kirk referred to being pulled down by, “Whatever that thing out there is:”
“It’s a guy.”

On Nancy answering Cochran’s offer of a bath with, “How perceptive of you to notice I needed one:”

On the companion’s first appearance:
“It’s Evil!”

On set re-usage:
“His living room is where Kirk met the Shakespeare people, and that other room is where his brother died.”

On not knowing the extent of the companion’s powers:
“It made a lunchbox explode.”

On Kirk explaining mankind needs contact and struggle to survive:
“That’s the same conversation Pike had with the butthead people.”

On McCoy not understanding how Nancy could be well:
“It's the companion.  Are you stupid?”

On Nancy being taken over:
“So, she’s a zombie now, or was she only mostly dead.”

On the meeting of Nancy/Companion with Cochrane:
“Is this supposed to be romantic? Ah.”

On Cochrane saying, “I can't leave her. I love her. Is that surprising?”

Journey to Babel - Mom Title: "Spock's Parents"

On Amanda revealing they are Spock’s parents:
*fake cartoony voice* “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?”

On multiple aliens, the alien food and the Vulcan finger hand hold:
“What the heck is that?”

On the Tellarite:
“Um…great mask.”

On Spock’s explanation of the Sehlat- “On Vulcan, the teddy bears are alive, and they have six-inch fangs:”
“Oh that’s nice”

On Sarek:
“I like him, except for shunning Spock, otherwise he’s pretty cool.”

On Kirk’s need to answer the comm shirtless:

On Spock stating Sarek is “quite capable of killing:”
“Um…how nice.”

On the revelation the ship ghosting them has been contacted from inside the Enterprise:

On Amanda demanding of Sarek, “Why didn’t you tell me?” about his heart condition:
“Because he’s a butt.”

On Sarek having a heart attack:
“Oh, it’s not him.  Maybe it’s the blue guy with the things.”

On Spock offering to estimate how bad the odds are of saving Sarek:
“Shut up.”
Amanda- “Please don’t”
“Thank you Amanda!”

ON McCoy having never operated on a Vulcan:
“Really? That’s hard to believe. 
Didn't he operate on an octopus once?”

On the Andorian stabbing Kirk:
“Did he just…What!?!?”

On Spock telling the Doctor he won’t do the operation:
“What?  Knock him out!”
*Amanda slaps Spock*
“That works too.”

ON Vulcan blood color:
“Ewww, its dark green. I thought it was neon.”

On Thelev’s reveal:
“Ick, his ear fell off.  It’s a fake ear?”

On each and every explosion rocking Sick Bay during the operation:

On Thelev’s “miscalculation” on how much time his “ten minute” poison capsule would take:
“HA HA!”

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