Thursday, June 18, 2020

Bat-lets Season 3 Part 1

 “Enter Batgirl, Exit Penguin”

On the “Batman” and “Robin” labels on the bottoms of the poles:
Rosa- “They only show the names when they’re going to be using them to go up.”

On Barbara’s introduction:
“She has black hair???”

On Penguin appearing:
*Pauses playback,
Runs out of room,
Returns wearing purple top hat*

On “they” being used in a room with only one person:
Anabelle- “They?”
Rosa- “Oh, she’s there too…that tiny little light really fills the whole room.”

On Burgess Meredith’s voice:
“Penguin is one of the loudest bat-villains, and that’s saying something.”

On Barbara’s décor:
“HEY! She has one of the Hippos from the MET.”

On one of the set ups:
“They just have a life size cut out of the Commish…
because everyone in Gotham does.”

On Batgirl’s disguise:
“She wears a wig! That’s Smart.
Smarter than Batman and Robin both.”

On Batgirl disappearing on Batman and Robin:
Anabelle- “She’s gone.”
Rosa- “See, that’s how it feels.”

On Alfred belting Penguin:
“Yes! Get ‘em Alfred.”

On Alfred seeing Barbara’s costume:
“He does know. That’s awkward.
So Alfred has to cover for her and them, now.
Meanwhile Ernesto is kicking all kinds of butt”

On Dick’s birthday present being a ’68 red Barracuda convertible:

On the return of Frank Gorshin teased at the end:
“The real Riddler!

“Ring Around The Riddler”

On the return of the real Riddler:
*Mass cheering*
*The episode continues*
“This…this is not as good as he used to be. I blame the darker green suit.
We should just watch season one again.”

On the loss of the cliff hangers:
“This is too fast paced. I miss the two parters.”

On Batgirl talking to the Commissioner:
“Wait…that’s his daughter!
If I put on a mask and wig and called you Jeff would you not recognize me?”

On the introduction of Mushy Nebuchadnezzar, southwest Asia’s finest boxer:
“Oh, I wonder who that could be wearing the mask the Riddler always does?”

On the Siren’s introduction:
Rosa- “Joan Collins?”

On me explaining the fight scenes will be odd since the women weren’t allowed to punch anyone back then:
Rosa- “Really???”

On the Commissioner saying he’s lost without Chief O’Hara?
“Huh? Why? He just stands around and says, “begorrah!’”

On the quick changes into the hero costumes in the locker rooms:

On the boxers in the episode:
Me- “How many times does James Brolin show up in these?
And that’s Jerry Quarry, he’s a real boxer!”

“The Wail Of The Siren”

On the Siren’s “song:”
*Covers ears*

On Barbara’s place:
“Her apartment is cool.”

On the Siren’s listing of evil women of history
after Anabelle has read some Shakespeare:
“Lady Macbeth is not evil! How dare you!”

On Siren’s plan to reveal Batman's identity.
“Oh pshaw. Catwoman already knows.”

On Barbara’s pet:
“Oh boy. She’s talking to the bird again.”
*Barbara cites her biggest conclusion*
“The bird can understand you?”

On the introduction of Batgirl’s full length theme:
“I’m not gonna mention the song.”
*it continues for a very long time*
“Yes I am.”

On Batgirl’s hidden room:
“Why does she have a button to spin wall when she has to walk through a door in it anyway.”

On Chief O’Hara realizing they’ll have to figure out the solution themselves:
“Oh no, we’re doomed.”

On the Commissioner recognizing Alfred in the Batcave as the voice on the bat-phone:
Anabelle- *Punching me repeatedly in the arm*
“The Commish knows!!!!”
Rosa- “OOOH!”

On the Wayne Foundation:
“Why is that nicer than his house?”

On them being thrown out now that Siren owns the building:
“Dick is pissed.”

On the women not being allowed to punch:
“Cool? A kick fight!
Whoah! Batgirl just kicked him in the nuts!”

On the Commissioner knowing before we learn the Batsleep messed with his memory:
Rosa- “They’re going to wipe his memory with the hair dryer.”

On the Bat-Computer providing an alert that Penguin is returning with accomplice Batman identifies as Lola:
“How do you know that?”

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