Thursday, July 2, 2020

Bat-Lets Season 3 Part 2

“The Sport Of Penguins” /”A Horse Of Another Color”


On Gordon throwing in an emphatic “I’ll wager!” about suspicions of Penguin’s goals:

“Commish, calm down.”


On learning the Penguin has a Book Shop:

Anabelle- “I like him more now.”

Me- “No... bookmaking. Like, gambling.”

Anabelle- “Oh.”


On the villain’s identification:

“Is his name just Penguin?”


On the butler’s hurried call to tell Batgirl what’s going on:

“Alfred is living the life.”


On the glue factory having a horse for emergencies,

Even though they don’t use horses anymore:

“I always keep a horse here. Just cause... y’know.”


On the fight styles:

“Ernesto get some. Woo!

Hey, leave the kicking to Batgirl.”

*Batman says they usually don’t need help with their fights.*

“A- pfffff!”


On the victim having his face taped over:

“That dude can’t breathe…He’s dead.”


On Barbara back at her desk:

“Is she the only person who works at the library?”


On the use of “The Saturday Review of Folios:”

“The what!?!?”


 On the amazing disguise name of “A. L. Fredd:”

Rosa- “It’s Alfred.”

Anabelle- “Hasn’t Penguin met Alfred like three times.”

*Penguin still doesn’t recognize him*

Anabelle- “Uh huh.”


On Barbara being given a Penguin:

Me –“She’ll never guess who it’s from.”

Rosa- “She won’t”

*She doesn’t*

Anabelle- “Uh huh.”


On Bruce wondering how to find Batgirl:

Anabelle- *As Alfred* “I’m steppin' out.”


On stunt riders:

“Is Ernesto going to ride a horse?”

*Batgirl shows up to be the jockey…and is obviously doubled*

“That is totally a guy. Oh look, if it isn’t Winston, the horse riding stuntman.”


On Ethel Merman:

“I like her, she’s fun.”


On the mention of Egyptology:



On Tut referred to as a real arch criminal:

“The Penguin was just there!”


On the introduction of the next villain at the end of each show:

“These are all happening back to back to back.”




 “The Unkindest Tut Of All”

On King Tut…near constantly:

“I like him.”


On Bruce and Barbara seeing Tut on TV after a date:

“Both are like, “Whelp…gotta do some crime fighting.”


On Tut’s crime predictions:

“They know he’s planning the robberies right?”


On Tut’s bellowing of, “All sides of da lawww:”

“Ah, Egypt at its finest.”


On Tut’s placing a tracker on the Batmobile to learn the location of the Batcave:

“Why didn’t you sneak in the trunk like everyone else?”


On Shirley, Tut’s moll who doesn’t roll play the Egyptian stuff at all:

“I hate her so much.”


On Batman searching for the tracer on the Batmobile:

“If they have the budget to make a magnifying glass look like a bat, they should buy a bug detector.”


On the use of a dummy to show Batman and Bruce together:

“They took a page out of Daddy Long Legs’s book.”


On the return of a piece of Egyptology in Barbara’s apartment:

“Yay the blue hippo!”

*It vanishes in the next scene*

“Where is it? I don’t care.”


On Batgirl figuring out Tut’s plan and staying hidden to follow him:

“Batgirl, stop being smart. Gotham not a town for smart people.”


On Bruce and Barbara returning to another date:

Anabelle- “What is this? I do not approve.”

Me- “Remind me never to show you The Killing Joke movie.”

Anabelle- “OK…wait, WHAT?”


On Gordon doing the classic “He didn’t say” phone bit:




“Louie The Lilac”


On Louie’s flower mobile showing up:

Rosa- “Really?”

Anabelle- “Is this a hippie episode? Oh yay!”


On Commissioner Gordon refusing to use the Red Phone when Barbara tells him to

over the kidnapping of a hippie:

“You call Batman for a fly on the wall, and now you’re not listening to your daughter?”


On hippie lingo:

Anabelle- “What does that mean, I don’t understand.”

Robin- "The flower children think we’re cool, man, like we turn them on, y’know?”

Anabelle- "Stop, Robin.”


On the line, “This lilac colored card could be…a plant:”

“Ha.  Ha ha.  Ha ha ha.”


On the Man-eating Lilacs:

“They won’t eat Louie because they’re not cannibals.”

*all that’s left are supposedly shoelaces*

“How does it untie them?”


On Barbara’s quick change in the bedroom when the kidnappers are there:

“There is no way she changed that fast. They are not the same person.”


On Batgirl spraying Louie with mildew spray:

“Did she do that? She’s gonna kill Louie the Lilac!”

*He is mildewed*



On Louie’s plan in general?

“What is his motive? This makes no sense.

I love how it only took twenty minutes to stop him.”


On killing time by playing the whole Batgirl theme:

“Are they singing this whole thing now?

Apparently yes!”

*Dances along*

*song plays the line “Are you a chick who fell in from outer space?”*

*Stops dancing and stares*


Do they think she’s an alien?"


On Egghead showing up at the end:

“It’s Ratigan!

These really are one after the other.

Do Bruce and Dick go missing for days?

Dick goes to school. It must be summer.”



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