Monday, May 30, 2022

Top Ten Memorable Wrestling Moments

Disclaimer- This list has nothing to do with objective quality, importance to the history of professional wrestling or the effect on any performers' careers.

It is, instead, a list of moments that stuck with me while watching more professional wrestling than I probably should, but possibly less than the more avid fans do. These made me laugh, impressed me with their ability to manipulate the emotions of the crowd, and are generally fun bits of the amazing storytelling abilities these individuals have.

They're all old!  
Like me!

The smallest possible amount of internet research allowed me to sort them in (as far as I could figure out) chronological order.  If I hadn't talked about them already, The Strike Force break up and aftermath from WrestleMania V and Andre the Giant going out as a face during WrestleMania VI would have made the cut.  
Please don't ask me which ones they would replace or my head will explode.  

Here is the list. As usual the links will go live as they post each week.
Down below these ten are links to other wrestling related posts, that will likely expand as I'm sure I will find additional excuses to babble on about yet another semi-vaudeville linked obsession.

Embarrassing note: I have never seen a WrestleMania or any other pay per view live, including back in the day I followed this stuff regularly.  
Any scene seen was in a later rebroadcast or recap on  a weekly network show.

Here's the ten, lets get ready to rummmmmbleeeeeeee!

Other Wrestling Links

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