Monday, November 7, 2022

Disney World 2022 Planning- Part 1

Jeff’s Disney World Philosophy-
These sections will be more of a “why” than a “what” reflections on our Disney life. In this case-
Yes, these planning documentation posts are insanely overdone and have a lot more in them then just planning. This is because:
A) Our family is continually in Disney Planning mode with multiple influences
B) Family meetings (and my own opinion) determined that Disney Days cannot be separated into multiple posts because it messes up the flow and the running gags. Each day can run five to six times the size of a normal post. Therefore, It requires a great deal of time to create and review them. I need to sleep too, you know.
August 28, 2019
P minus 1070
“That was a lot of fun, but very hectic, wouldn’t it be cool if the three of us could go for a short one for my Fiftieth birthday?”
[Later edit: Thank you global plague for nixing this idea]
Cast members seeing Kim’s family’s Star Wars Shirts- “Are you going to the opening tomorrow?”
“We’re leaving today, we’ll have to see it next time.”
[Later edit: Yes…yes we will.]
Grandma’s talking about taking a day off in the middle to help us survive next time. That should be a Saturday. Does that count as Gridding already?
[Later Edit: A day off, BWA HA HA HA! What an insane idea! Grandma (and everyone else) walked back on that notion immediately.]
August 29, 2019
P Minus 1069
StarWarsLand opens with only Smugglers Run as an attraction.
It didn't have the ten hour waits predicted though. There was a five hour wait at 6:30 AM with everything else in MGM at five minutes. It was the low side of normal rest of day everywhere with the Falcon Run holding at three hours. Later it dropped to well below normal lines everywhere at night, while Star Wars hovered around 75-95 minutes, sometimes less than Avatar.
And lightsaber churros back. We always miss those, dang it.
Anabelle put her newly traded pin collection in an organized fashion on her pin board.
August 30, 2019
P minus 1068
Special Halloween refillable mugs show up.  Crap- that would have been a nice decoration.
I finally got to read all the D23 stuff that was released about EPCOT while we were there. Holy Moley! Future World is going away. It is being broken into three sections, with the Ball being gutted and redone, like Anabelle told us. Also, there’s a new Moana pavilion or something and a giant new Icon of the park overlooking World Showcase Lagoon. No word on Figment or Nemo positive or negative. If it was me, I’d make Figment the park mascot and put him everywhere. Also, if it were me, I would continue calling it “Future World” for as long as I continue to call the other place “MGM.” Oh good. It is me.
September 1, 2019
P minus 1066
It's fortunate she’s accepting “What was the best” whatever “in each park” for trivia. I overloaded my brain Gridding. Before the trip, I could tell you times of meals, menu contents and FastPasses for each day. I can’t even remember which park we were in now. Good thing I took notes…sixteen pages worth. I guess we over did it again?
[Later edit- Only sixteen pages of notes? What an amateur I was! This trip had twenty!]
September 4, 2019
P minus 1063
Not bad! Category 5 Hurricane Dorian brushes Florida last night and the parks close midafternoon. (Except good old EPCOT, that hangs on till 7PM). Today they cancel morning Extra Magic Hours (nearly everywhere with the new StarWarsLand open) but otherwise resume business as usual.
September 5, 2019
P minus 1062
Disney Parks Blog announces PhotoPass studios in Sir Mickey’s, the Grand Floridian and Downtown. Kind of weird since we had our pictures taken at the Floridian one when we were there. I guess we caught a “soft opening.” Hey it’s not StarWarsLand, but it’s something!
September 8, 2019
P minus 1059
The massive planned changes in EPCOT shut down what’s left of Innoventions, the Character Spot, Fountain View Coffee, and Club Cool. They are on the lookout for temporary or permanent reassignment spots. Mickey and Friends Characters move into the other Innoventions, but that’s going away eventually too. The Emotions and Baymax stayed where they were. Rosa’s going to have to make alternate Starbucks and Inca Kola plans.
September 11, 2019
P minus 1056
Disney World Announces more new bus designs. Monsters Inc, Lion King and Moana…which is odd as the “Sensational Six” character busses “released” before we got there only skulked around in the background and didn't seem to be used.
September 12, 2019
P minus 1055
Oooh, that’s why the Epcot Experience at the Odyssey Restaurant Center was closed every time we passed.  They just painted the entry way, it opens the first of next month. Oops!
September 13, 2019
P minus 1054
Hey, they refilled the castle moat! Cool! They say they’ll be adding characters to the small world. Then again, they said that right before we went in 2010. [Later Edit- And they didn’t do it, again.] They’re also adding more auto PhotoPass pictures like the Star Wars ones for Mickey and Tink in the Magic Kingdom. Way to suck the personality and fun out of the human photographers, Disney.
September 18, 2019
P minus 1049
New more streamlined (read: dull) Tomorrowland Arch installed. Guess it wasn’t so bad we missed it.
Kim- Bleah.
Grandma- I’m glad they made a distinction to the entrance of Tomorrowland BUT it is just so Boring. Sad how the whole world changes and definitely not for the better. OXZ
September 20, 2019
P minus 1047
I discovered Be Our Guest breakfast has “Feast Ala Gaston” instead of “Feast Ala Beast.” The kids did not approve, thinking it was a replacement.
Aurora- “I don't like that. Feast Ala beast is better. I am upset about this.😠”
But I calmed her down. Anabelle summed up everyone’s thoughts:
“What made them think that anything on the breakfast menu could come even CLOSE to the stroke of pure genius that is ~Feast a la Beast~😂😂😂”
[Later edit- When it truly did get removed, it did not sit well with them.]
September 23, 2019
P minus 1044
The Astro Orbiter is open again. woo.
Still no information about Primeval Whirl. I wonder if they’re fixing it, or gave up on it?
Oh wait, the Astro Orbiter is still closed. I'm starting to think these third party sites have no idea what the real Disney schedules are.
September 27, 2019
P minus 1040
That was quick. The Coco puppet show with Mariachi Cobre in Mexico ends.
September 29, 2019
P minus 1038
The Skyliner opens! Omnimovier loading means the lines stay short. However, if there are thunderstorms they provide busses. That could be frequently some times of year.
October 1, 2019
P minus 1036
Not only has Illuminations ended, but it’s reported the Super Shindig stopped too, and Mike and Sulley got fired from whatever “One Man’s Dream” is really called. But the app says you can meet the Incredibles, and Mike and Sulley are still listed. So much for all those third party sites knowing ANY relevant information.
October 2, 2019
P minus 1035
EPCOT Forever end of the night show has Figment’s imagination involved, and the models in the Odyssey “restaurant” still show the Imagination Pavilion pyramids. Here's hoping.
Meanwhile they closed the boring France movie to add the Beauty and the Beast sing along, but they’re still mixing in the boring France movie when it reopens. Weird. With both Circlevision films being redone, you’d figure they’d update that turkey.
On the good side, real PhotoPass photographers, not the box, are back at Town Square Theater! Magic Mickey is back too, which means Minnie was fired. She’s probably back at the circus, but Pluto’s not homeless again, he gets to stay in the sideshow too!
Oh wait, no.
Checking a few days later, they booted the poor pup outside to the Calliope Tent.
Hey, Rafiki and Timon meet and greets are on Discovery Island, not just in the dance party.
Now there’s NO reason to go to Planet Watch.
October 3, 2019
P minus 1034
A little leaf logo to identify plant based dining options items was added on all menus. There are over 400 plant based items. Great for vegetarians, but may not be great for cardiac health depending on how they do it.  They’re usually pretty good about that, though.
[Later edit- They were!]


Kim Luer said...

Weirdly, I always seem to forget that we start planning the next trip on the way home from the last trip. And then I read your blog and go " oh yeah we did start then. Didn't we? And then I remember all the things you write about and it's wonderful.

Jeff McGinley said...

Cool, thank you. Glad you like it. Sometimes we start planning before the end of the last trip, but since those usually blend in with "stuff we're trying to do while we're still there" I leave them out.

Dina Roberts said...

Oh. Wow.

I just finished a super beautiful post from your 2008 trip. I went to see your more recent posts and am so happy to see you've begun the new trip report.

Jeff McGinley said...

Thanx again for reading.
As I said, the planning posts will go on for a very long time, mostly because I force myself to keep them at sane lengths.

Dina Roberts said...

Good. That will make things last even longer. Lots of planning posts and then the trip reports.

It means it will be quite awhile before the depressing last-day-of-the-trip post.

Jeff McGinley said...

Many thanx. Given this was the latest we've left the park in a long time on the final day... and we were so tired we were all entertainingly loopy by that point, I'm hoping that will reduce the sadness of the final day.