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Disney World 2022 Planning- Part 19

June 16, 2022
P minus 47
Additional Meal Information Update
Ignore part of my other meal information update email.
An article says Hollywood and Vine will be resuming buffet meals.
It says it will resume them on August 29.
Don’t ignore the other email. Ignore this one.
Thank you for playing.
Grandma- You are very FUNNY.
June 17, 2022
P minus 46
Man, all I had to do was THINK “Hey, maybe we could eat in the Coral Reef again,” given other closures and Anabelle’s aquarium phobia going away, and they replaced the amazing Seafood Bisque we had so many years ago with a standard New England Clam Chowder.
Morgan and Veronica sent shirt lists the other day. Morgan’s only had eight because of laundry day. It’s a work in progress. Grandma heightened the fun with this email-
 I started thinking about my Shirt grid and I knew some things had to be different. I waited until I could calmly check everything including sizing. I don’t promise this will be exact but it will be very close to this. Once we got Tony’s I had to wear my Lady & the Tramp shirt there. Some shirts will definitely remain the same. I tried to make it easy for you to see. I may take an extra shirt in case of a problem. But I won’t disturb the all of us in the same realm, 8/3 & 8/4.
8/2   MK         Mickey Stripes and Bambi                     ½ change
8/3    AK        Timon & Pumba                                        Same
8/4    MGM    Chewie                                                       Same
8/5    MK       Mickey Buttons                                          Same
8/6     EP      Figment                                                       Same
8/7     AK      Sleeveless Mickey & Snow White          ½ change
8/8     MGM   Woody                                                         Same
8/9     MK      Minnie & Lady & the Tramp                     Both different
8/10  EP        Villains                                                        Different
8/11  MK        Bad Girls  & Bambi OR Lady/Tramp      Whichever long sleeve is in best shape  Bad is Same 
Followed by:
Was so worried about getting this right I forgot your OXZ SO OOOOOOOOOO XXXXXXXXXX ZZZZZZZZZZ  
Anabelle- Plus, your shirts were the first ones I got, before we had any meal ideas. Aside from the “big matching” ones I just kind of threw them on the grid willy nilly until you could check it with meals and stuff :)
Me- The secret planning method of both Grids revealed: “I just kind of threw them on the grid willy nilly.”
June 20, 2022
P minus 42
Disney sent us a detailed email suggesting all the stuff we can set up ahead of getting there. They continue to be so cute.
Although I did like their use of the line “Add more “Yay” to your stay!” as it fits in well with our mentality.
June 22, 2022
P minus 40
Anabelle’s obsession with getting a Ronto Wrap has reached dangerous levels. It has hit the point that Rosa keeps trying to figure out how to have one without the wrap so it is gluten free, and needs to be reminded she doesn’t like sausage.
Massive Character update.
Reported by Anabelle- The character meet in Circusland is returning, so are Chip and Dale in Dinosaur costumes in Animal Kingdom, and the Toy Story people in MGM. Mirabel (Encanto) is joining the Magic Kingdom character cavalcade.
[Later edit- My updates continued to be useless, none of this happened before we arrived except the last one.]
When I looked it up to find out when (July) I also learned Minnie will be with Mickey at the Townsquare Theater in the Kingdom. And the Star Wars Launch bay characters are returning too! (Chewie, BB-8 and Darth Freakin’ Vader. Fingers crossed the Visa Card Exclusive with him comes back with it)
[Later edit- It did, but had no characters. However, the others were highlights of those days.]
Grandma: SO AWESOME. I am a kid at heart when it comes to Disney Characters. But then you all knew that. OOO XXX ZZZ
Me again: Yes indeed.  Looks like we can add Peter Pan and Snow White and Merida at MK, and Pooh and somewhere.
(They’re in the headline not the article. Anabelle saw Alice is coming back to EPCOT (England) so maybe there, or near the Pooh ride in MK)
[Later edit- Pooh and Tigger came back to MK after we left. However we had very nice, distanced Pooh encounters.]
June 23, 2022
P minus 39
Disney filed a patent for “robotic” lockers that would roll stuff from one location to another.
Hey, what could go wrong?!?!?
June 24, 2022
P Minus 38
I revealed to my immediate family the existence of the pulled pork filled jelly donut with slaw at the Eight Spoons Café in Animal Kingdom. Doing this late at night may have been an error as we were all simultaneously obsessed with its very existence and hysterical at the awfulness of the idea.
Update for dining (and some bits of Jeff’s Disney Philosophy)
The 10% off using the Disney card is only in some dining locations. Most of which are in hotels. (Not the Snow White one)
There’s only a few in the parks and only one we're going to
Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park
Tiffins (expensive and boring)
Disney’s Hollywood Studios
The Hollywood Brown Derby (see restrictions) (expensive, probably to the point it would offset the 10%)
[Later edit- EPCOT not in all caps means I copied the list directly from a Disney website.]
Biergarten Restaurant (see restrictions) (The one we're going to)
Coral Reef Restaurant (I was tempted but menu is REALLY reduced and Garden Grill is way better for us)
Le Cellier Steakhouse (expensive, probably to the point it would offset the 10%)
Rose & Crown Dining Room (British food...not known for quality)
Magic Kingdom Park
Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen (Everyone looked at this menu and thought it was too weird)
Grandma’s answer:   Well one is better than none. It will probably use up all of my Disney rewards Dollars.  That is okay by me. OXZ
June 25, 2022
P minus 37
Grandma’s countdown email-Hello Disney Fanatics Family & Dave,
   Dave we know you are getting there with us. You are just a bit behind.
Here is my Happy Grandma Countdown. Today we are ONE MONTH, ONE WEEK & ONE DAY away from DISNEY.  Isn’t that exciting?  YES!  OOOOOOOO XXXXXXXX ZZZZZZZZ
Dave’s answer- Ms. Theresa, you malign me, milady!
I am, in no way, a little behind. I’m a giant behind!
And I am actually looking forward to the trip.
My answer- Excellent countdown, and excellent answer.
Nothing else to add as you'll all be getting enough constant countdown emails from me soon enough
Additionally, Grandma looked up a far range forecast for Orlando and also confirmed and printed the list of TV channels in the rooms. No wonder I Grid. It’s genetic.
June 28, 2022
P minus 34
Allears shows 43 new menu updates. Wow, imagine how many they’ll do once I print the menu listing for everyone?
The full menus for the Food and Wine Festival are available. I texted my wife and daughter about gluten free Yucca fries…and Anabelle said “funny you should mention that.” Then she told me she already copied the entire list with pretty fonts and asked me to print it for her planning notebook. Grandma was suitably proud. (Grandma is also already pretty far along in packing.) Those Disney Planning Genes are potent.
June 29, 2022
P minus 33
New Haunted Mansion souvenir shirts announced. It’s like they know we’re coming or something!
[Later edit- Of course I bought one, don't be silly.]
June 30, 2022
P minus 32
44 Menu updates today. I feel like they are taunting me as I scout the menus looking for…places to make stupid jokes mostly.
July 1, 2022
P minus 31
At the end of the night I learned the flight times are slightly changed…because the airline sent Anabelle an email… and only Anabelle.
How thoughtful.

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