Thursday, September 1, 2011

Disney 2005: Day 4

In which movie time comes to a premature end.

MGM got short changed, as far as time goes.  The second day there was our final day, and this day…well it had issues.  We all slept pretty late after the recent festivities, getting us to the park in time for Anabelle’s nap (which did allow us to ride Star Tours).  The mind games continued as Anabelle kept asking to go take a picture on the speeder bike prop, and then proceeded to cry in horror when I brought her there.  She also decided to be afraid of a red car on the street, and the small stuffed “Jedi Mickey” I bought…fun.

She saw a couple garishly dressed, funny voiced "Hollywood resident" street singers, and decided that one of them was Mary Poppins (probably due to her umbrella).  When we went over to talk to them, and found out her name was "Fanny O'Rear", we let Anabelle continue calling her "Mary Poppins".  Ms. O'Rear gave her some stickers.  Actually a whole lot of people gave Anabelle stickers; she's very cute when she's not screaming her head off in total terror.

As usual, she absolutely loved the parade.  I was so proud when I could hear the excitement build as Darth Vader approached, forgetting that, on my shoulders, she could see further than me, and was in fact waving at Mary Poppins. We surprisingly also kept her calm enough in the theater before it started (likely because it is outdoors) to see Beauty and the Beast on stage.  She told us she really liked seeing Belle dancing “in the big window”.  She also agreed with one of my goofy theories: When she saw the three Bimbettes running to Gaston she pointed at one and said "That's Cinderella".

After the show, I hung around to take a picture of James Doohan’s handprints.  Here’s some etiquette advice from your pal Jeff:  If you see someone waiting around to take a picture of something you’re standing on, just step aside and say, “Excuse me”.  Do NOT stand there staring into space until your wife comes over, points to your feet and asks, “Who’s that?”  Then step off and say, “Oh, he’s dead.”  That would just be rude.

Our daughter also loved looking at all the pictures, costumes, and models in the One Man’s Dream tribute to Walt Disney.  Everything, that is, except the demonstration of the working animatronic Tiki Bird, which she backed away from saying “no, no NO”.  I’ll give her this; she’s consistent, and pretty bright to be able to tell the difference between real and robot birds at that age.

Earlier, we had lunch in the 50’s Prime Time Café.  We all had fun, but apparently, if you don’t eat your vegetables, they give you botchulism (They’re very strict).  It seems my chicken wasn’t cooked correctly, because later in the day, after a very shaky visit to the Muppet Vision 3D, I made their New York Street much more authentic, by collapsing and getting sick in the gutter.  Once I found the way back to my family, we returned to the Pop Century, and reversed roles from the night before.  Rosa took Anabelle to dinner, and I camped out in the hotel room making friends with porcelain.

I was still sipping ice water when we went to bed, but fell asleep and spilled it on myself.  This woke me up with a jump that made me dump the rest of it on Rosa. The fact that I lived through this vacation is a great testament to her patience and love.

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