Monday, March 10, 2014

Up the Lake: Music Video! Stinging the Blues

Key things in life are often:

A) Who you know


B) Timing

Lucking out in these two areas led to the first ever original song I wrote that actually has a music video to be posted on this blog.

A) Was covered by being fortunate enough to count Gary as a friend.  Click here to experience his impressive and entertaining musical skills.

B) Was a twist of fate.  Almost all the songs I have written, and continue to write, are parodies of existing numbers.  However, on exceedingly rare occasions, I come up with a song that’s done in a style or genre with no specific source.

In this case, I envisioned it as a basic eight bar blues recounting the tragic tale of misplaced trust and air rifles Up the Lake.

I sent the lyrics around at the same time as Gary completed installing his new, in-home studio, and I was amazingly lucky enough to have him consider it worth trying out his extensive talents on on some equipment he'd only just read the manuals for.  To add to his impressiveness, the rockin' bridge was his first guitar solo!  He's primarily a keyboard player, but the "have a couple beers and go for it" method turned out to be amazingly effective.

This effort turned a goofy whim of my head into something awesome and artistic! 
It is a feeling I will never forget.

Watch below to see images featuring locations of the song's occurrences, or click the link here if there are browser issues.

Lyrics are after the video of the newly remastered song. 
(George Lucas eat your heart out)

“BB Blues”

I woke up this mornin’
Day was goin’ kinda slow
So I joined a game invented
By my paaaal’s big brother Joe.

I was young and naïve and foolish
I just didn’t have a clue
That’s why I wound up sing-in’
The shot in the ass with a B B Blues….

He said the game played like tag
And we’d have a lot of fun
Instead of running us down
He’d  uuuuse a B B gu-un

Don’t know why we listened to him,
Guess there’s nothin else to doooo
So I joined the game that led to,
The shot in the ass with a B B Blues

We ran into the forest,
He claimed he’d pump it once,
When I heard him pump it four times
I feelt like such a du-unce

I gave up really quickly.
Stood there shakin’ in my shooooes.
Then he sent me back to home base.
And the shot in the ass with a B B Blues

He said he wasn’t tryin’
He claims he didn’t aim
But when he yelled “MOVE” and fired
He hit me just the sa-ame

I felt stinging pain and burnin’
I felt nauseous and confuuused
The brass in my skin gave me
The shot in the ass with a B B Blues

So the lesson of my story
Is one all you kids should know
Never play a game invented
By a guuuy who’s name is Jo-oe

Or you’ll hurt and cry and limp a lot
All your self respect you’ll loooooose
Cause there ain’t no lower feeling
Then those shot in the ass with a Beeeee Beeeeeeee

Oooh, pass the neosporin…yeah.

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Kim Luer said...

My favorite part of this song was being able to be there the first time you played it for Joe. The grin the appeared on his face for the "he claims he didn't aim" line was fantastic... in a horrifing, he shot my brother in the butt, kind of way. although since I witnessed the shooting I already knew that that claim was false.
Awesome lyrics, and super fantabulous music and singing...three cheers for Gary! video is so neat. I love it.

Jeff McGinley said...

Thanx. Yeah, watching his eyes light up made it almost worth getting shot. OK maybe not.

thanx again!

Anonymous said...

Love the song. Love the lyrics. Loved everything about it except for one thing. NO PICTURES OF THE LAKE. THE WATER. THE DOCK. THE BOATS AT THE DOCK. Other than that, it was cool beyond cool! Does this mean I have to start calling you Mr. McCartney or Mr. Lennon?
Cuz Michael

Jeff McGinley said...

Probably neither of them unless there's a Beatles song I'm unaware of about being injured in the keister. but thank you anyway.

For pictures of the Lake itself, click the "up the lake" subject at the bottom of the post. There are water pictures attached to appropriate stories. The shots in the video are only where the other kind of shots were fired.

thanx again.

Gary said...

Although I appreciate the compliments I think Jeff is giving me too much credit here.
For me, deciding what to write about and coming up with the story is the hardest part of song writing.
Jeff just got lucky or I guess you could say unlucky and had a real world experience to write about.
Nice to finally see where the now infamous shot heard round the lake took place.
Gary Victor

Jeff McGinley said...

Thanx Gary, glad you liked the final result. Without you, it would have just been a poem.

thanx again