Thursday, August 27, 2020

Batlets Season 3 Part 6

“Louie's Lethal Lilac Time”

On Dick’s female friend’s Sixties outfits at the beach party:
Anabelle- “What is she wearing?”
Rosa- “Nothing.”
Anabelle- “And Dick’s clothes and shoes are hideous.”

On the use of blue screen:
Me- “He’s not even there.”
Anabelle- “Of course he is.”

On Lotus’s requests for,
“glands and follicles and scent pouches from deer, beavers, civet cats, and muskrats:”
Now she’s just making stuff up.”

On The Commissioner and Chief O’Hara using footage of Batman and Robin to inspire themselves to find who kidnapped Bruce and Dick:
“They made a Batman highlights reel to more effectively do their job?
They ran out of plot.
This is the best of cliffhangers. 
How did they even get film of this?”

On the Batphone ringing while Barbara is there:
“Oh no!
Oh no!
It’s just the Wayne Manor friendly ghost!”
*Barbara touches the Shakespeare bust*

On repeated relationship roles:
Me- “Hey! Lotus played Arnold’s wife on Happy Day’s and
Mr. Miyagi’s girlfriend in Karate Kid II!”

On Barbara having a “secret Batgirl room transformer” button and a 
“secret Batgirl room re-transformer” button:
“I hate everything about this show.”

On Batgirl’s changing room:
“I ask again. There’s a door…in the wall.
Why does the room revolve?”

On Lotus talking about several spies being found around there:
“She’s gonna shoot the maintenance man!!!”

On the inability of anyone to whisper on this show:
Bruce- “Did you hear that?”
Anabelle- “I think everyone heard that Bruce.”

On the thugs being named “Saffron and Sassafras:”
“That’s almost as good as Daddy-long-legs.”

On the revelation of Instant Unfolding Bat Costumes:”
“Oh, that’s why he’s wearing an ascot, to hide them.
I think it’s time to watch Doctor Who.”

On the final Bat-Fight:
“He just clobbered Louis the Lilac with an oar!
Ernesto is my favorite character!”

“Nora Clavicle And The Ladies' Crime Club”

On Bruce’s drink at Gordon’s award lunch:
“Is that milk?”

On the firing of the commissioner and police chief:

On the former Gotham leaders' reactions:
“Saints preserve us. Women’s rights! Oh the pain!”

On Clavicle’s stuff:
“I wish I had my own personal bass drum that said ‘Woman Power.’”

On the Mayor complaining he’ll have to cook and clean for himself.
“Oh…The agony.”

On Clavicle refusing to call Batman to stop a crime because he’s a man:
“That’s too extreme.”

On using characters for other episodes:
“She should have appointed Olga Commissioner.”

On the whole episode’s presentation:
“Why do people have a problem with this episode?
Do they think this is what feminism is?
Also who are these shiny girls?”
*The new police women are not stopping crimes because they are
discussing recipes, fixing their makeup and going to sales*
“Okay. I see where the problem is.
It’s not that she appointed girls, but the stupidest girls in all of Gotham.
And I thought she’d make Batgirl the official crime fighter.
That would make sense.”

On Clavicle’s plan for a crime spree being revealed:
“So she’s not actually pushing for women’s rights.”

On escaping from the Siamese Human Knot:
“Robin, shift your left patella, Batgirl wiggle your uvula and get us out of here.”
*They escape after some questionable ear wiggling.”
“They broke apart so quickly it’s almost if they weren’t together at all.”

On the women being afraid of the mice:
“Ooooh that’s why she hired all the stupid girls.”

On solving the real criminal behind this:
“Wait! Clavicle starts with a “C!

On the mayor’s wife’s reaction to the mice:
“She’s standing on the freaking desk.
Mrs. Linseed is a disgrace.”

On Sixties fashion:
“Why is everyone wearing butt length skirts?”

The third season needs a lot of extra, "You have to see it to believe it" photos, doesn't it?

On the three crime fighters Pied Pipering the robot mice:
“Oh my God.
Why do people not like this episode?
It’s pure beauty.
They each have a different dance while they play the flutes and the mice are lemmininging.”
*Breaks into applause*

On Batman leaning down to the last mouse that won’t jump off the cardboard city:
“It’s gonna blow up in his face!
Just push it.”

On the ad for the next episode villain and his moll:
“Penguin! Yay!!!
She has a matching tie!”

“Penguin's Clean Sweep”

On the new room we see of Wayne manor:
“Oh my! This room is an eye sore.
But Dick’s Sweater game is still up there!”

On the strange speaking method of everyone in Gotham:
“Alliteration battle- Go!”

On the moll’s footwear:
“Look at her boots! I must own them.”

On favorite villains:
“Wait, is this the last Penguin one?
*pauses playback, leaves room,
Returns wearing purple top hat*
“I’m ready!”

On Batman pulling out an “All Purpose Bat-swatter” to deal with the poison fruit flies:
Rosa and Anabelle- *simultaneous spit take*
*The fly lands on Robin’s nose*
Anabelle- “Go on, deck him! I wanna see this!”
*Batman pulls out the Bat-tweezers.”
Anabelle- “No…”

On everyone agreeing to dump their cash in the street:
Rosa-*long protracted sigh*
Anabelle- “Why??”

On Batgirl being taken out again:
Anabelle- ‘Oh…I’m soooo surprised.”
Rosa- *Huffs*

On Penguin thinking they couldn’t notify everyone about the poisoned cash:
“You underestimate Bruce Wayne’s crew.”

On the “Bat-weather” instrument:
“They just put a new label on the skinny thing that’s always been there.”

On the awesomeness of Burgess Meredith:
“They should remake Happy Feet with him, and leave the rest the same.”

On Penguin insulting Chief O’Hara’s ability as a police man:
He’s not wrong, though.”

On Batman finally helping and trusting Batgirl:
“About time you trust her, you big ninny.”

On it being forty-five degrees, too cold for the fruit flies:
“Robin must be dying. He doesn’t wear pants.”

On the teaser for the next episode featuring Shame and Frontier Fanny:
*Falls off couch laughing*

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