Monday, December 4, 2023

Mystery Star Trek Theater VI: The Last One Whew

On the credits:
redit- “For Gene”
Anabelle- “Oh, did he die? 
Now I feel bad for booing him on all the other ones.
I am so sad this is the last one.
Whatever will we watch next?”
*said after already bringing the Kelvin Timeline films 
Credit- “Christopher Plummer”
Anabelle- “The Sound of Music guy?
Is he gonna sing?
Whip out “Edelweiss” on the Enterprise?”
On the Excelsior:
Sulu- “Stardate 9521.6, Captain's log, U.S.S. Excelsior. Hikaru Sulu commanding. After three years I've concluded my first assignment as master of this vessel, cataloguing gaseous planetary anomalies in the Beta Quadrant”
Anabelle- “Dear diary. I’m having tea because I slay…
Ooh! look at his chair!
Officer- “I have an energy wave from two hundred and forty degrees mark six port.”
Sulu- “Visual! 
My God! Shields!”
*BOOM! The bridge shakes around.”
Anabelle- “No! His tea!”
Me- “This is the first time they built the set on a gimbal, so it really moved.”
Anabelle- “Somehow it is less believable.”
Message from Praxis - “This is Brigadier Kerla, speaking for the High Command.”
Anabelle- “Klingons.” *groans*
“I hate them. Have I mentioned that?”
Message from Praxis - “There has been an incident on Praxis. However, everything is under control. We have no need for assistance. Obey treaty stipulations and remain outside the Neutral Zone. This transmission ends now.”
Sulu- “An incident?”
Rand- “Do we report this, sir?”
Sulu- “Are you kidding?
Anabelle- “Janice?!? She’s communications now?
What, does she do seven jobs…
with twelve hairstyles?”
On the Federation briefing about the Klingons:
*Kirk enters*
Anabelle- *Sadly* “Hi.”
*Bones enters*
Anabelle- “Yaaaay!”
*Uhura enters*
Anabelle- “Girl boss!”
Rosa- “Where’s Spock?”
Anabelle- “I don’t know, dead again?”
Rosa- “What do they do? Play dice on that table?”
Spock- “Good morning. Two months ago, a Federation starship monitored an explosion on the Klingon moon Praxis. We believe it was caused by over-mining and insufficient safety precautions. The moon's decimation means a deadly pollution of their ozone. They will have depleted their supply of oxygen in approximately fifty Earth years.”
Anabelle- “Good riddance.”

Spock- “Due to their enormous military budget, the Klingon economy does not have the resources with which to combat this catastrophe.”
Anabelle- “Hmmmm… That sounds familiar.”

Admiral Cartwright- “I must protest.”
Anabelle- “You and me both!”
Admiral Cartwright- “To offer the Klingons safe haven within Federation space is suicide. Klingons would become the alien trash of the galaxy. And if we dismantle the fleet, we'd be defenseless before an aggressive species with a foothold on our territory. The opportunity here is to bring them to their knees. Then we'll be in a far better position to dictate terms.”
Anabelle- “OK, slow down. None of these are good ideas.
Everyone in the crew is on this mission except Sulu?
There’s going to be a big hole at the helm.
But the hole is slaying on Excelsior.”

Spock- “Jim, there is an historic opportunity here.”
Kirk- “Don't believe them! Don't trust them!”
Spock- “They are dying.”
Kirk- “Let them die!”
Anabelle- “Whoah, that says a little much.” 
*As Kirk* “I was kidding.”
On the crew approaching the Enterprise:
Rosa- “Chekov doesn’t want to be there.”
Anabelle- “He never wants to be anywhere, but I love him.”
On meeting Valeris:
Valeris- “We were told that you needed a helmsman, so I volunteered.”
Spock- “Lieutenant, it is agreeable to see you again.
The Lieutenant was the first Vulcan to be graduated at the top of the class at the Academy.”
Kirk- “You must be very proud.”
Valeris- “I don't believe so, sir.”
McCoy- “She's a Vulcan all right.”
Anabelle- “I like her, she’s funny.
I like her headband too. It’s really cute.”

Valeris- “Aft thrusters.”
Kirk- “Thank you. Lieutenant, one-quarter impulse power.”
Valeris- “Captain, may I remind you that regulations specify thrusters only while in space dock?”
Spock- *hilarious obvious throat clearing*
 Kirk- “You heard the order, Lieutenant.”
Valeris- “Aye sir.” *grins slightly*
Anabelle- “She’s very happy giggly for a Vulcan.”
On the first Enterprise Captain’s Log:
Kirk- “Captain's log, Stardate 9522.6. I've never trusted Klingons, and I never will.”
Anabelle- “Dear diary.  Boo hoo, I have to go talk to Klingons.”
Kirk- “I can never forgive them for the death of my boy.”
Anabelle- “Oh, right. My bad.
Why is your thing always unbuttoned James?”
On Spock and Valeris in his quarters:
Anabelle- “I’m glad Saavik isn’t there. Now I’m uncomfortable any time she’s with Spock.”
Valeris- “But is this logical? Surely we must...”
Spock- “Logic?
Logic is the beginning of wisdom, Valeris, not the end.”
Anabelle- “He’s over it at this point.”
Spock- “This will be my final voyage on board this vessel as a member of her crew.
Nature abhors a vacuum. I intend you to replace me.”
Valeris- “I could only succeed you, sir.”
Anabelle- “This is super random. Who is she?
Now she drinks the thing he made in that weird cup.  
Is it plo meek soup?
Throw it at the wall and find out!”
On the bridge conversation with the Klingon Chancellor:
Anabelle- “The lighting looks different on the Enterprise.
It must be that Sulu's not there.”
Kirk- “We'll make arrangements to have you beamed aboard at nineteen thirty hours.”
Anabelle- “How do you know they follow our time?”

Valeris- “Captain, there is a supply of Romulan ale aboard. It might make the evening pass more ...smoothly?”
Anabelle- “Absolute girl boss. I love her.”
On the Klingons beaming over for dinner:
Me- “Yay!”
Anabelle- “What, why?”
Me- “Christopher Plummer.”
Anabelle- “Oh, yeah him. But not Klingons in general.
Why do they keep getting bumpier.”
Me- “He is awesome though.”
Anabelle- *sings* “The hills are alive…” *speaks* “I sang that in the last movie.
*The officers and Klingons leave the transporter room*
Crewman 1- “They all look alike.”
Crewman 2- “What about that smell?
You know only the top of the line models can even talk and...”
Valeris- “You men have work?”
Crewmen- “Yes, ma'am.”
Valeris- “Then snap to it.”
Anabelle- “I love her. Where was she the other movies?”
On the dinner with Klingons:
Anabelle- “The Romulan Ale is too light. Did they dilute it?
Of course, Uhura and Chekov sit next to each other.  
I bet they’re missing Sulu.”
Gorkon- “You have not experienced Shakespeare until you have read him in the original Klingon.”
Anabelle- “Shakespeare is not Klingon, you clown!”

Azetbur- “’Inalien’
If only you could hear yourselves?
'Human rights.' Why the very name is racist.
The Federation is no more than a 'homo sapiens' only club.”
Anabelle- “That’s not true. There’s literally Andorians.  
 Have you seen them? They’re blue with those things sticking out of their heads.”
*Dinner ends*
Anabelle- “I feel this did not help.”
On the Klingons exchanging goodbyes and beaming back out:
Chang- “Well, most kind. 'Parting is such sweet sorrow,'
Hm, Captain. 'Have we not heard the chimes at midnight?'”
Anabelle- *sings* “So long, farewell …”
*They beam out*
Anabelle- “Even the Klingon transporter beam is ugly.”
*Uhura and Chekov sit on the transporter pad*
Uhura- “Did you see the way they ate?”
Chekov- “Terrible table manners.”
Anabelle- “Besties are going to keep gossiping all night.”
Spock- “I doubt that our own behavior will distinguish us in the annals of diplomacy.”
Kirk- “I'm going to sleep it off.
Please let me know if there's some other way we can screw up tonight.”
Anabelle- “For the love of God will you button your tunic!!!!!”
McCoy- “I'm going to find a pot of black coffee.”
Anabelle- “That’s real. I love you, Doctor McCoy.”
On the appearance that the Enterprise is firing on the Klingons:
Anabelle- “I feel like someone is staging a thing?”
Me- “Who is?”
Rosa- “Somebody.”
On the attack taking place on the Klingon ship:
Anabelle- “Why is there a tusk?”
Me- “Its Gorkon’s walking stick, you saw it in the last scene.”
Anabelle- “Well forgive me for not realizing it was a tusk.”
*there is much carnage*
Anabelle- “What color is Klingon blood, pink?
And why is it all CGI?”
Me- “To avoid an ‘R’ rating.”
*The attackers are wearing Starfleet engineering uniforms*
Anabelle- “Hey, they listened to me. They have helmets now.
I feel like the main Klingon will survive.”
*They shoot Gorkon in the chest*
Anabelle- “Never mind.
Maybe Chris Plummer will survive…
So I can sing more!”
On Kirk's reactions:
Kirk- “Signal our surrender.”
Anabelle- “Did you see Chekov’s face?
He’s like, ‘Dude! Are you crazy?’”
On Kirk and McCoy beaming over:
Anabelle- “The Klingon ship is a little swanky on the inside.  
Not outside though.”
*Gorkon is bleeding a lot*
Anabelle- “It doesn’t look like blood. It’s too sticky.”
On Spock calmly assuming command and getting to the investigation:
Anabelle- “Did he put a tracker on captain Kirk?
That’s so funny.  
He totally would.”
Spock- “In that case, Mister Chekov, it resides in the purview of the diplomats.”
Anabelle- “Ooh the way he said that. He’s had it after dealing with those clowns on the show.”
On the meeting in the Federation president’s office:
Me- “That’s the bad guy from Robocop.”
Anabelle- “The one who said, ‘Can you fly, Bobby?’
Oh cool! Hi!”
*Colonel West played by Rene Auberjonois comes in*
Anabelle- “Odo!!”
He’s about to sing ‘Le Poisson’
I never saw him looking like a normal human being before.”
On the need for time in the investigation on the Enterprise:
*Enterprise is ordered to return immediately*
Valeris- “Four hundred years ago on the planet Earth, workers who felt their livelihood threatened by automation, flung their wooden shoes, called 'sabots' into the machines to stop them.
Hence the word 'sabotage'.”
Uhura- “We are experiencing technical malfunction. All backup systems inoperative.”
Chekov- “Excellent. I... I mean,
too bad.”
Anabelle- “Whoah! Someone’s getting invited to the next slumber party!
Why is every Vulcan that trains under Spock the sassiest person?”
On checking the torpedoes and discussing the case:
Scotty- “I'll bet that Klingon bitch killed her father.”
Anabelle- “Scotty! Dude, what is up with you?”

Scotty – “They don't place the same value on life that we do, Spock, you know that.
Take my word. She did not shed one bloody tear.”
Spock- “Hardly conclusive, Mister Scott, as Klingons have no tear-ducts.”
Anabelle- “Wait, what?”
Spock- “Lieutenant, any response from Starfleet since our dispatch?
Valeris- “Yes sir.”
Spock- “And?”
Valeris- “Commander Uhura is experiencing technical difficulties, sir.”
Spock- “Curious. Very well. For twenty-four hours we'll agree this conversation did not take place.”
Valeris- “A lie?”
Anabelle- “She went, ‘a lie?’
As if she didn’t just lie right to Spock’s face.  
I love her.”  
On the trial:
*Former Captain Klaa is shown in the translator booth*
Me- “He got demoted after screwing up in the last movie.”
Anabelle- “That’s funny.”
*Colonel Worf is introduced*
Anabelle- “Relation?”
Me- “Grandfather.”
Anabelle- “Cool.”
*Spock continues figuring things out while watching the trial*
Anabelle- “Hey this is a mystery! Cool!”
On Bones’s questioning:
Chang- “Doctor McCoy, would you be so good as to tell me your current medical status?”
McCoy- “Aside from a touch of arthritis, I'd say pretty good.”
Anabelle- “He’s like, ‘I just made Klingons laugh. Ha ha!’”
Chang- *long series of attacking questions *
Grandpa Worf- “Objection!”
Anabelle- “Yeah Worf, Throw those objections!”
Chang- “No. You were incompetent!
 You were incompetent, whether deliberately or as a result of age combined with drink.
The court will have to determine.”
Why do you like him?”
Me- “He’s a worthy opponent.”
Anabelle- “I hate him. He’s being mean to Doctor McCoy.
I spit on him. Ptoo!”
On Kirk’s questioning:
Chang- “And now we come to the architect of this tragic affair.
Anabelle- “The way they just gloss over the Tiberius the first time they say it.
Like its normal.”
Chang- “What would your favorite author say, Captain? 'Let us sit upon the ground and tell sad stories of the death of kings'?
Tell us your sad story, Kirk. Tell us that you planned to take revenge for the death of your son.”
Kirk- “That's not true!”
Worf- “Objection! Captain Kirk has not been identified as the assassin.”
Judge- “Sustained.”
Anabelle- “Slay Worf!” *Snaps fingers*
Chang- “I offer into the record this excerpt from the Captain's personal log.”
Kirk(recorded)- “I've never trusted Klingons and I never will.
I've never been able to forgive them for the death of my boy.”
Rosa- “How did they get that?
They did kill his son.”
Anabelle- “Waaa. They read my diary.”

Chang- “You were demoted.”
Kirk- “Yes.”
Chang- ‘For insubordination.”
Kirk – “On occasion, I have disobeyed orders.”
Anabelle- *mocking* “’On occasion’
I wake up and disobey orders!”

*Spock watching the trial*
Rosa- “It’s your fault.”
Anabelle- “Not McCoy’s and not the Captain.”
On the verdict:
Worf- “I wish to note, for the record, that the evidence against my client is entirely circumstantial. I beg the court to consider this when pronouncing its sentence.”
Anabelle- “I love you Worf. You’re the only Klingon I like.”
Judge- “So noted.
Captain James T. Kirk, Doctor Leonard McCoy. In the interests of fostering amity for the forthcoming peace talks, the sentence of death is commuted.
It is the judgment of this court that without possibility of reprieve or parole, you be taken from this place to the dilithium mines on the penal asteroid of Rura Penthe, there to spend the rest of your natural lives” *bang bang*
Anabelle- “Not McCoy. He has arthritis. Cut him some slack!”
On the crew figuring out the idea of a Bird of Prey that can fire when cloaked:
Anabelle- They need to remake the bridge with the Blues Clues thinking chair.
I am always loving Valeris’s headband every single time on screen.”
Spock- “An ancestor of mine maintained that if you eliminate the impossible whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”
Me- “The question is, is he referring to Holmes, or Doyle?”
Anabelle- “Uh huh.
Y’know, you say that quote a lot.”
*They’re planning a search of the Enterprise*
Chekov- “I do not understand. If there was a ship underneath us, surely the assassins beamed aboard from that wessel, not Enterprise.”
Anabelle- “Dropping the ‘wessel.’  Go Chekov!”
Spock- “You're forgetting something, Mister Chekov. According to our data banks this ship fired those torpedoes. If we did, the killers are here, if we did not, whoever altered the data banks is here. In either case, what we are looking for is here.”
Anabelle- “I love Spock and Chekov pow wows.
Spock and his boy!”
On the guard animal of Rura Penthe:
Anabelle- “What is that?”
Me- “A cold weather Targ.”
Anabelle- “I am not listening to you anymore.”
On the big alien threatening Kirk:
*big thing shows up, demands Kirk’s obedience and coat*
Kirk- “I'm afraid not. Besides it wouldn't fit.”
Anabelle- “I don’t like that.”
*Martia talks it down in language I’m not typing in, and gives our guys furs*
Martia- “This will help keep you warm. I'm Martia. You're Kirk and McCoy.”
Anabelle- “Is she from Mars?”
On the altercation with the huge blue alien:
Spock- “Yes, at the moment, they're surrounded by a magnetic shield.
However, if I know the Captain, by this time he is deep into planning his escape.”
Anabelle- “No he’s not. He’s getting whupped by this blue guy.”
McCoy- “You've got him, Jim! You've got him where you want him.”
Anabelle- “I love him.”
*Kirk is tossed down*
Anabelle- “Oh my God he’s in the fire.
He’ll be fine.”
*Kirk kicks the alien*
Anabelle- “Ooh right in the kneecaps!
Is that where his brain is or something.”
Martia- “That was not his knee.
Not everybody keeps their genitals in the same place, Captain.”
Rosa- “Oooooooh. Not his brain.”
Kirk- “Anything you want to tell me?”
Anabelle- “That’s terrible. I hate you Captain Kirk.”
On Martia coming in the night to plan an escape and kissing Kirk:
Anabelle- “Barf” *makes retching noises*
McCoy- “What is it with you, anyway?”
Anabelle- “Me too. I love you, Doctor McCoy.”
On the Excelsior’s orders to find Enterprise:
*Sulu is seen in his quarters*
Anabelle- *CHEERS* “CAPTIAN SULU!!!”
*Communications officer shown in doorway*
Anabelle- *Throws Vulcan salute to Christian Slater*
On them scanning the ship for the shoes:
Anabelle- “That is a metal detector.”
Me- “No, it’s a blood detector.”
Anabelle- “No, it isn’t.”
Me- “Maybe Klingon blood has more iron in it?”
Anabelle- “That’s funny…
No, it’s not.”
On Martia showing up as a Bigfoot looking thing for the escape:
Martia- “They don’t take girls. “
Rosa- *Giggles*
Anabelle- “I think she’s a shape shifter.”
McCoy- “What kind of creature is this? Last night you two were...
Kirk- “Don't remind me.”
Anabelle- “What do you mean ‘don’t remind me’?
You’ve hooked up with like twelve robots.”
*Martia transforms into a little girl and back*
Anabelle- “She is a shape shifter!!
Captain Kirk is having a lot of second thoughts right now.”
Martia- “Hurry!
Up there. Come on, climb!
Here, you'll need these. Quickly!”
Anabelle- “Doctor McCoy does not like climbing we learned that in the last movie.
On the scene where they have to translate Klingon from books:
Me- “So... Nichelle Nichols was really upset at this scene, because ‘of course Uhura would know Klingon,’ but the director said, ‘leave it in, it’s funny.’”
Anabelle- “This is not funny.”
Me- “Personally I think Uhura does know Klingon, but the senior officers didn’t think to ask her, so she just did it their way to spite them.”
Anabelle- “Agreed.  And Chekov was like, ‘Hey, don’t you know how to speak…’
And Uhura said, ‘Shhhhhhh…No- we’ll do it their way.’”
Rosa- *Laughs* “That’s what happened.”
On Martia taking Kirk’s form.
Anabelle- “I have had it up to HERE with the multiple Kirks thing.
On Kirk and Bones being beamed up just before Kirk learned who the traitors were:
Kirk- “Damn it! What the hell? Son of a...
Couldn't you have waited two seconds?”
Spock- “Captain?”
Kirk- “He was just about to explain the whole thing.”
Chekov- “You vant to go back?”
Anabelle- “I love you, Chekov!”
Anabelle- “King.”
On Scotty in the mess room before finding the uniforms:
Anabelle- “I’m loving the Starfleet teacups.”
On seeing General Chang alerted to the escape of our heroes:
Rosa- “Of course!”
Anabelle- *singing* “The hills are alive!”
On finding the two dead crewmen the uniforms belonged to:
Anabelle- “Those two. They were the ones being weird before.”
*Kirk and Spock plan*
Voice over- “Now hear this. Now hear this. Court Recorder to sick bay. Code Blue, urgent! Statements to be taken at once from Yeomen Burke and Samno. Repeat. Court Recorder to sick bay. Code Blue, urgent! Statements to be taken. Repeat. Statements to be taken from Yeomen Burke and Samno.”
Anabelle- “Code blue is new.”
Me- “Almost like they just made it up.”
Anabelle- “Ha. Ha.”
*The traitor is revealed… It is Valeris*
Rosa- *Singing* “I reeeee-membered soooomething!”
Anabelle- “That is so unfortunate.
She is the one that saw those two crewmen earlier, but I didn’t want it to be her.”
Me- “She’s also the one who heard the Captain’s Log.”
Anabelle- “Oh yeah. But I liked her, she was funny.
*pause of realization*
And she’s the one who suggested the Romulan Ale!”
On the interrogation on the bridge:
Valeris- “Saving Starfleet. Klingons cannot be trusted.
Sir, you said so yourself. They killed your son. Did you not wish Gorkon dead?
 'Let them die.' you said. Did I misinterpret you?
And you were right. They conspired with us to assassinate their own Chancellor.
How trustworthy can they be?”
Anabelle- “Girl! Huh?  
Didn’t Spock mentor you?
How did this happen?
She was being kinda feely. I still like her headband.”
McCoy- “Klingons and Federation members conspiring together.”
Kirk- “Who is 'us?'”
Valeris- “Everyone who stands to lose from peace.”
Kirk- “Names, Lieutenant.”
Valeris- “My comrades will make sure all your ship-to-ship transmissions are jammed.”
Kirk- “Names, Lieutenant.”
Valeris- “I do not remember.”
Spock- “A lie?”
Valeris- “A choice.”
Anabelle- “You lie too much girl boss.
She’s too good at this.”
Kirk- “Spock”
*Spock’s forced mind meld, he uses both hands*
Rosa- “Oooh! A double one.”
Anabelle- “That’s what you get.”
Me- “You two are scary sometimes.”
Anabelle- “Uhura’s like, ‘She’s not invited to the slumber party anymore.’”
On finding out where the peace conference is:
Spock- “She does not know.”
Scotty- “Then we're dead.”
Spock- “I've been dead before.”
Anabelle- “REAL!”
Spock- “Contact Excelsior.
She'll have the co-ordinates.”
Uhura- “I've already got it, sir.”
Anabelle- “She didn’t even push any buttons.
Uhura’s like, ‘Are you kidding, with what we’ve been through?
I’ve been talking to Sulu this whole time!’  
So iconic that she already had him on the line.”
*Sulu provides information about the conference*
Anabelle- “I love you, Sulu.”
On Kirk and Spock’s meeting in Spock’s quarters:
Spock- “I prefer it dark.”
Anabelle- “He’s sad. I’m also sad.  
I liked her headband.
Ooh, He’s wearing his karate robe.”
Spock- “Is it possible
that we two, you and I,
have grown so old and so inflexible
that we have outlived our usefulness?
Would that constitute a joke?”
Anabelle- “Awwwww.”

Spock- “But Captain, we both know that I am not human.”
Kirk- “Do you want to know something?
Everybody's human.”
Spock- “I find that remark ...insulting.”
Anabelle- “I love you, Spock!”
Kirk- “Come on, I need you.”
Anabelle- “We all do.”
On Chang in his Bird of Prey:
Anabelle- “Weee! I’m in an ugly ship!
They’re so hideous I don’t understand how you like them.
They’re like *Raises arms in an impression of the Klingon craft*”
Chang- “I can see you, Kirk.
Can you see me?”
Anabelle- “That’s not ominous at all.
I hate you.
How do you like that guy?”
Me- “He has the coolest ‘fire the torpedoes motion’ in Star Trek.”
Chang- “Does little finger wave motion*
Anabelle- *unbelievingly* “Uh huh.”
*sings* “Doe, a deer, a female deer…”
On Sulu bringing Excelsior to the rescue:
Sulu- “In range?”
Helm- “Not yet, sir.”
Sulu- “Come on. Come on!”
Helm- “She'll fly apart!”
Sulu- “Fly her apart, then!”
Anabelle- “I love you, Sulu.
He’s like, ‘Come on, kids.  
When I flew the Enterprise, we went Warp 20 every other week and I didn’t bat an eye.’”
On Klingon torpedoes causing explosions on the Enterprise:
Rosa- “Why isn’t the shield up?”
Me- “They are.”
Rosa- “Oh. Oof.”
On figuring out to target the gas coming out of the Klingon ship:
Uhura- “Well, what about all that equipment we're carrying to catalogue gaseous anomalies? Well, the thing's got to have a tail pipe.”
Anabelle- “QUEEN!”
Spock- “Doctor, would you care to assist me in performing surgery on a torpedo?”
McCoy- “Fascinating!”
Anabelle- “Awwwwww.”
Me- “The Excelsior was the one with the gaseous anomaly equipment, but Shatner insisted the Enterprise be the one to finish Chang.”
Anabelle- “I’m OK with that because McCoy got something to do and he is a king.”
On the Excelsior crew:
Anabelle- “I feel bad for them.
I feel like up until now they were all like, ‘Sulu is the best captain ever!’
And suddenly they’re flying warp one hundred toward the Enterprise.”
On the last attacks:
*A Klingon torpedo breaches the saucer section*
Anabelle- “Oh! Now there’s a hole in the new ship.”

McCoy- “She’s ready Jim, Lock and Load!”
Kirk- “Fire!”
*The torpedo finds the cloaked Bird of Prey*
Chang- “To be, or not… to be.”
Rosa and Anabelle- “Oooooh!”
Sulu- “Target that explosion and fire”
Rosa- “Whoah!  OK. Bye bye.”
Anabelle- *Sings* “So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu…”
On beaming into the conference to stop the assassination:
*They bring Valeris*
Anabelle- “Hey, we saw through her pretty headband!”
*Sulu beams in with escorts*
Anabelle- “I love you, Captain Sulu.”
*Scotty shoots a Klingon sniper, it’s really Colonel West*
Anabelle- “Hey, Odo! This is like the one with Spock’s parents where you thought it was the blue guy, but he wasn’t a blue guy.  
But this had a girl with a swanky headband.  
Her earrings were cool too, but I didn’t notice till she was evil.  
She’s a very fashionable evil person.”
On the bridge crew combining on the podium:
Anabelle- “Yay Enterprise people! Love you, Captain Sulu.”
On the Enterprise and Excelsior flying into the sunset:
Uhura- “Captain, I have orders from Starfleet Command. We're to put back into Spacedock immediately,
*sadly* to be decommissioned.”
Rosa- “Again.”
Anabelle- “They do that.”
Spock- “If I were human,
I believe my response would be…
'Go to Hell.'
If I were human.”
Anabelle- “I love you, Spock.”
Chekov- “Course heading, Captain?”
Kirk- “Second star to the right,
*Kirk smirk*
and straight on 'til morning.”
Anabelle- “What?!
That’s the worst thing he could have said.
Oh, look at the empty chair at the helm.
That’s so sad.”
On the end credits signatures:
*Deforest Kelley*
Anabelle- “A slay signature master!”
*Leonard Nimoy*
Anabelle- “Stylin’. Love the ‘N’.”
On her overall reaction:
Anabelle- “I liked it, but didn’t like Sulu not there at the end.  
It made me sad.
Is Chapel OK?
I liked that it was a mystery, and it helped I didn’t remember anything.  
The shapeshifting was weird.  
The whale one had downs and ups. This one was more even. 
I didn’t like Kirk in IV.
*Long personal debate on where it goes in her ranking*
This is how I rank them:
6 close

499 other levels
On flashing back to this movie when we went back to some first season ones to address Star Trek withdrawal, which I can confirm is a real thing:
Anabelle- “Oh… I didn’t get to sing ‘I am sixteen going on seventeen’ when we watched the last movie.”
Me- “That would have worked for last night’s episode, “Miri.”
Anabelle- “True, I DID NOT remember that one went down that road.
It was traumatizing.”


Anabelle said...

christopher plummer being in this movie is actually god's greatest gift to my comedic timing

Anabelle said...

i stand by my statements about that headband it was stylin

Jeff McGinley said...

His presence did make you commentary far more musical.
Since you mentioned it even many more times than recorded here, I am well aware of your opinion of that headband.
Thanx again kiddo.