Thursday, October 16, 2014

Short Treks: Intro/Index

Welcome to a new feature here at Dog Food For Chairs.

OK, me rambling on about a geeky show isn't all that new, but the organization of it will be.

I was originally going to call these “Treklets,” but unlike Bondlets, there’s no input from my daughter.

She’d seen all the episodes well before I started this and her general reactions have been documented.

No, these are some short thoughts and hopefully (possibly…marginally?) interesting notations, as I watch Star Trek (yet again) while exercising.  The reason for this whole foolishness comes down to my loss of the ability to watch anything without taking notes.

The episodes are listed (and were watched) in order aired, not order produced.  This provides the perspective viewers would have gotten when they were first shown.  In some cases this may be contrary to the original intent.

My parents introduced me to Star Trek, and most of my other geekly pursuits.

(I returned the favor in my early teen years by introducing them to Doctor Who.)

Though she’d seen them all before I was born, in general for shows - and specifically it seems for Trek - my mother had a mental block for episode titles. Therefore each one got a “Mom Title” as the way I could reference which one I meant when talking to her as I was escalating my geekhood in my teen age years.  They tend to be combinations of actors, characters and random events. Often they work pretty well as mini summaries; sometimes they’re obscure references to a certain item that will jog her memory. Since Friends stole “The One With” nomenclature from those of us who’ve been using it for years, I’ll be avoiding it to keep a certain generation from accusing me of stealing it.

Hopefully, the “Mom Title” after each real episode name will help her, and those with similar brain barriers, navigate the list. 

This page will serve as the index. Links to each set of Short Treks  will go live as they are posted, Mom Titles will be added similarly.

They'll show up sporadically as I work my way through the box sets' discs. Hopefully they will be done in time for the Fiftieth Anniversary in 2016.

Care to boldly go with me?

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

The Animated Series 

Season 1

The Animated Series Season 2
The Counter Clock Incident- Mom Title: - Mom Title:  "Crew Gets Younger"

The Original Cast Movies
The Motion Picture
The Wrath of Khan
The Search for Spock
The Voyage Home
The Final Frontier
The Undiscovered Country

To Boldly Stop

HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY STAR TREK (next year...jumped the gun on these a little.)
Treklets Season 1.1
Treklets Season 1.2
Treklets Season 1.3
Treklets Season 1.4
Treklets Season 1.5
Treklets Season 1.6
Treklets Season 1.7

Grandma Treks Season 1

Treklets Season 2.1
Treklets Season 2.2
Treklets Season 2.3
Treklets Season 2.4
Treklets Season 2.5
Treklets Season 2.6
Treklets Season 2.7
Treklets Season 2.8
Treklets Season 2.9
Treklets Season 2.10

Grandma Treks Season 2

Treklets Season 3.1
Treklets Season 3.2
Treklets Season 3.3
Treklets Season 3.4
Treklets Season 3.5
Treklets Season 3.6
Treklets Season 3.7
Treklets Season 3.8
Treklets Season 3.9
Treklets Season 3.10
Treklets Season 3.11

Treklets Animated

Grandma Treks Season 3

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